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Will my insurance pay?

The world of Insurance keeps changing!

Most major medical insurance companies cover Chiropractic Care.

Has your yearly Deductible gone sky-high?

Some policies have deductibles as high as $5-10,000 a year! We have a discount program to make your out-of -pocket expenses easier. It's geared towards those who have those high deductibles they will likely never meet, for those who have no Chiropractic coverage in your insurance policy, or for policies where we are no longer Providers.

Insurance and Payment Plans

Understanding your Insurance Coverage and Policies can be daunting and confusing! Call your Insurance Company directly to be sure of your benefits as they often change!

We are Providers for several health plans and programs, but please understand that insurance policies have changed greatly over recent years. Each Insurance company has many different policies and policy coverages. It is difficult to obtain clear (accurate) information from the companies when we call (we often get conflicting information when we call multiple times!) We promise to do our best for you - but please know that ultimately it is your responsibility to find out as much as you can on your own.

We want to make your recovery and care affordable and as unstressful as possible. We have a Discount Medical / Chiropractic Plan in place - a sort of 'Sam's Club of Chiropractic' to help out. It allows our patients to receive discounted fees if they join the plan. This program is good for those without Chiropractic benefit coverage, limited coverage, or very high deductibles. Please ask us about this plan - it saves you money particularly with the first visit and with Massage Therapy; AND membership includes your entire live-at-home Family!

We want you to receive the high-quality care you need and deserve, and for you to receive it as quickly as possible!

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