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This is the page where I'll talk about what I the type of Chiropractic treatment I perform in my office - not every Chiropractor uses the same techniques that I use.

What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a way of restoring spinal balance due to joint dysfunction and improper body mechanics.

At my office, you'll find a blend of many different techniques.
I specialize in Activator Methods.
This technique uses neurological reflexes to detect spinal joint dysfunction and body mechanics problems. It utilizes the Activator instrument to deliver a controlled, light, and fast thrust without strain to you - the patient.
I administer gentle specific thrusts (adjustments) to move (oscillate) a specific vertebra, bone(s), or joint(s) using the Activator, Impulse tool, or my hands.
This manipulation stimulates nerve fibers. The muscles then relax, and the process of restoring function and mobility begins.

Activator Method can be used on patients of all ages including infants, children, and the elderly (particularly those suffering from Osteoarthritis) - the most delicate of patients can benefit from the gentle care of this technique.

I use other techniques as well. Diversified, Applied Kinesiology (A.K.), S.O.T. (Sacro occipital technique), and much more.
What I use is directed by what You need - but Activator is used most often or first before moving on to other techniques...usually.

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