Dr. Michael's Patients' Testimonials & Success Stories:

"I was limping with every step because of sciatica. I saw my M.D. but after 3 weeks of continued pain I'd had enough. I had never had this type of Chiropractic care before (Activator) but it works and is painless. Dr. Diane is great & very helpful."

- Gerry K.

"I was living on aspirin with neck pain. I had headaches & stiff necks for years. I was grouchy! Now the neck has eased and it's been weeks since I've had an aspirin!"

- Alice F.

"After back disc surgery, my pain returned. I came to Dr. M. and can now stand & walk without pain! I have more energy!"

- Bob B.

"The numbness in my arm is gone. I lift weights without problem, and I can't remember my last headache! Thanks Doc!

- Barb K.

"I had hip and neck pain since my auto accident and couldn't sleep. Dr. Diane is very thorough and she understands. It's great not to have pain anymore."

- Gloria S.

"I had 4th lumbar fracture and disc problems resulting in sciatic problems for years. My improvement is significant. I don't feel lame anymore."

- Sam B.

"My daughter had recurrent ear infections. Now no more ear infections & our whole life has improved. I no longer have a constantly sick child."

- Deborah & Brianna D.